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Concrete Edging Styles

At Curb Appeal Artistic Edging, we work with you to pick out the perfect style of edging for your project. The variations are endless. From natural brownstone to clean black slant, we can create the art that will tie your landscape project together. 

Style Choices – We have the largest selection of designs for you choose from including our standard slant profile with 16 pattern options, Belgium Block and our new Natural Stone. Whatever your style, we have a design that will compliment your yard.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone Highlight
Natural Stone

Our Natural Stone curbing is in a league of its own. Our artistic design and attention to detail allow us to replicate the perfectly imperfect look and feel of stone. No wonder it is our top selling edging.

We use a combination of stamps, hand forming, and carving to recreate the experience of custom-installed rock. With the ability to customize the colour and design to complement your living space, this product will not disappoint. The installed product has a front to back slant profile of 4 inches to 2 inches. The final finish is multi-coloured and can easily be crafted to complement masonry or other items in your yard.

Belgium Block

Belgium Block Highlight
Belgium Block

Our Belgium Block curbing is created by using a combination of blocks with 4 inch and 8-inch lengths. By varying the lengths of blocks used, the final design has the proper combination of regularity and irregularity to look consistent and exciting. The blocks are 6 inches deep and 4 inches tall.

The final coloring can be adjusted for your needs.

Stamped Edging

Slant Highlight
Slant with Stamp

The slant profile is industry-standard. Being one of the most popular designs for the last 50 years, the ability to use over 18 stamps or none at all, it can be tailored to suite your specific style and vision. As the entry-level offering to increase your curb appeal, this profile will not disappoint.

The finished slant profile is 2 inches high to 4 inches high and can be colored to your needs.

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Free Estimate / Per foot pricing

When determining if concrete curbing is within your budget, feel free to check out the concrete curbing cost per foot information. At Curb Appeal, we come out to your yard to discuss your project and provide free estimates with no hidden costs.


Once you decide to move forward with increasing your Curb Appeal, find out the steps we go through to get your curbing installed. We go above and beyond the competition in providing a top-quality product crafted with care and attention. Find out how we ensure the highest quality of concrete curbing.


In the years after installation a small amount of maintenance is needed to keep your curbing looking new. Find out what steps you need to take to maintain your decorative concrete curbing?