Artistic Curbing Professionally Installed

How do I get curbing installed

Rough Estimate

Once you contact us via email, form, message, or telephone, we will respond quickly to find out approximately how many feet you need and what styles interest you. Based on the number of feet and style, we can give you a rough estimate of costs to ensure we fit your budget.

Detailed Estimate

Next, we stop by your yard and measure out the exact distance and finalize the style. We can offer suggestions on design, colouring, and more based on our extensive experience. Shortly after our visit, we will provide you with a formal quote. Depending on the size of your project, we try to complete the work between 1 and 3 weeks from quote acceptance.


Once our crew arrives at your home, our site foreman will meet with the homeowner and review the work (style, colour choices, layout). The area to be curbed is sprayed with landscaping paint to ensure the final design will match your expecations. At this point, you will be able to visualize the final product and make any alterations necessary. For new landscaping, we install a crusher dust that is mechanically compacted to create a stable foundation. The crusher dust base is adjusted so that the final curb height correctly matches your final grade.The staff will then start setting up equipment and preparing the yard (removal of old edging, removing sod at root depth with our sod cutter).

Laying the curbing

The concrete is prepared on-site using our trailer. The concrete mix is custom made with the highest quality additives, colouring, and water (supplied by the homeowner’s exterior water tap). We move the concrete into your yard by wheelbarrow to the desired location. The concrete is then extruded with our curb machine to give it its final look. The curbing is then finished using the style of your choice via stamps or other techniques.

After the curbing is stamped and formed, the team does a fantastic job at ensuring the site is clean. We remove excess concrete, sod, and edging, leaving a tidy and cleaned area. Lastly, an acrylic product is applied, sealing the concrete.

Finishing work

With a few hours, the curbing will be hard to the touch. Within 72 hours, the curbing will be fully cured. We ask you to avoid watering for 24 hours, but a rain within a few hours is generally not an issue.

Top Quality

At Curb Appeal we pride ourselves in making top quality products with professional workmanship. Find out the steps we take to ensure top quality curbing and finish.