Artistic Curbing Professionally Installed

How we ensure the highest quality of concrete curbing

At Curb Appeal, we take quality of design, product, and installation as our top priority. We do not cut corners during installation or mix inferior products and instead focus on innovative techniques to ensure your curbing will not only look refined but will also endure with style.

Concrete Additives

Our concrete is mixed with a custom combination of additive to add strength and elasticity. Between superplasticizer for added finish and workability to fiber mesh for increased strength, we mix it tough.

Steel Cable

During the curbing process, a continuous steel cable is embedded within the center of the curb, acting like the rebar in your driveway. Would you put a driveway in without rebar? Then why would you put curbing in without the same protection to minimize cracking and separation created by our many harsh freeze/thaw cycles.

Finishing Touches

Every installation we perform is custom creative work. By starting with top quality product, we are able to add artisanal touches to personalize your curb and make it stand out. The final work will look amazing the day we install it and continues looking that way for many years. Simply put, our work stands above rest.


Curb Appeal has invested in training with North American’s best in the business to ensure that our skills and techniques are at the top of the industry. We continue to evolve through research and collaboration to offer the best product to you.

Commitment to Quality

These are just a few of our commitment to quality. If you would like to discuss how we can help add some Curb Appeal to your yard contact us at 306-501-2000 or via messenger to arrange a free quote/consultation.